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Audrey RUFFIER, wellness coach in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, offers various services to take care of your body and mind.

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- Private coaching at home or in the place of your choice (hotels, villas, yachts, outdoor...): Fitness & Pilates (fundamental, senior and prenatal).

- Ayurvedic massage practitioner (for reminder, this type of massage is not at all like a medical practice but is intended for the relaxation and relaxation of the recipient).

- Creator of HOY (How Open Yourself) circles open to women and men who want to find the harmonious balance between body and mind.

- Group courses in companies (Fitness & Pilates) in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.


- Private home coaching Fitness & Pilates: €70 (1h) / €20 per person for a group (4 people minimum)

- Ayurvedic massage: €70 (1h)

- Group courses in companies: €10 per person per session (1h). Two choices: either the employees pay the entire course, or the company has a works council and takes care of 50% of the price). Group of 7 people minimum.


As part of its sports and wellness activity at home, Audrey chooses to target an exclusively female clientele.

Private coaching sessions are given in French, English or Spanish.

The necessary equipment is brought to each session (private coaching or wellness massage) and they take place as such: a warm-up, a body session, a return to calm.

As for corporate sport, each employee will have to bring his own mat. Registration must be done by phone because below 7 people, the session will be canceled.


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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and in order to ensure that each session is conducted in a serene manner, Audrey RUFFIER undertakes to have the material disinfected between each client. Alcoholic gel is available before the beginning of the sessions and the wearing of the mask will be obligatory for the coach only (in order to leave you breathing fluidity during the whole sessions). For collective courses in companies, a distance of 2 meters is respected.

The "HOY" circles will only be able to begin once the containment related to the COVID-19 epidemic has been completed. They will take place in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez (the locations will be communicated to you as you go) and will focus on a specific theme at each new date. The number of people will be limited to 10 in order to be able to practice pleasantly and respect social distancing.

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