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Peggy offers sessions at the Foyer des Campagnes in the heart of the village. A trampoline, music and jumps: the recipe for success! Jumping is practiced on rhythmic and motivating music on which dynamic hopping is grafted.

In addition to the aesthetic side and / or weight loss that followers come looking for, pleasure is just as important to remain diligent and motivated during sessions.

This activity is therefore ideal for having fun and letting off steam while exerting yourself in an original way. What appeals to jumping is inevitably the good atmosphere brought by the music and dynamic choreography. Everyone will have their own space since you will have at your disposal a trampoline equipped with a front bar to ensure your safety and hold on to it if necessary, especially for beginners or during frenzied choreography.

Jumping fitness - Énergie Sport Danse
Foyer des Campagnes
Rue Longue
83580 Gassin
06 03 18 57 56
06 11 82 12 11