Foyer des Campagnes

Historic site and monument ( Most beautiful villages in France - 16th C )
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The current Foyer des Campagnes is a building whose construction was completed in 1552. It currently houses the Gassin art exhibition rooms.

It is a typical and old house in the village of Gassin.
The serpentine door frame (like the other front door and window) has this date on it.
Acquired by the municipality in 1936, the building, then in ruins, was rebuilt and transformed into a country home under the leadership of the architect A. Barbier-Bouvet.
The interior was refurbished in 1977 and the building was raised one story.
The basement floor is barrel vaulted.
The roof is long-sided and covered gable covered with hollow tiles.

Foyer des Campagnes
20, rue Longue
rue Rompe-Cuou
83580 Gassin