Sustainable development

The Gassin Tourist Office is committed to a sustainable approach and its staff, who are aware of sustainable development, also encourage socio-professionals and partners to follow them.
Examples of actions that encourage this include:
i reduce my color printing and my paper shipments limit my own editions to favor common brochures, for example.i opt for carpooling and public transit manage my use of water and household products in case of work, i think of improving the isolation of my building program my computer to automatically sleep beyond a 15-minute non-use.i prefer low energy lighting turn off the light of the room that i systematically leave
A Gassin charter is committed to sustainable tourism and reminds us of good gestures (to favor walking and carpooling for travel, reduce electricity consumption, properly maintain equipment, use cups rather than disposable cups, print only the necessary documents, etc.).
The OT team acquired an electric vehicle received in October 2020, it joins the dynamics and objectives of the city council which are to « green » public parks and fight against CO2 emissions. The municipality of Gassin exceeds the legal obligations since the last 4 vehicles purchased are electric vehicles. In addition to the environmental gesture, there are already significant savings on fuels.
In addition, to allow for the recharging of vehicles of private individuals, local or foreign, a terminal of the Electric 55 Charging company based in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez was installed in the parking of the Marines of Gassin in the autumn of 2018. A second terminal will be installed on the Place Léon Martel, in front of the tourist office.
The sorting of waste is carried out daily in all the offices of the Office.
The site of the community of municipalities, in charge of the collection of waste, offers you a page dedicated to the special charge.
You can download a guide on the subject here.

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The Charter: Gassin is committed to sustainable tourism.